I’ve begun reading (listening, actually) to Dorothy Sayers’ Whose Body. I also have the book, so I can either listen or read, depending on my mood (and whether or not I have clothes to iron, etc.).

Both in the book and in the audio, Peter Wimsey has the habit of dropping the ‘-g’ from the end of…

As I’ve said before, I hate tumblr. Apparently ‘answers’ can only be a few words long. Anyway. Used along with ‘confounded’ and ‘what’, the dropped ‘g’s are probably indicating a certain type of bluff, gruff, plain speaking country gentleman. The kind of aristocrat who strides around vigorously shooting things and taking no nonsense. However, I haven’t read any Wimsey books. But I know that’s what this would usually mean.

It’s very different from the lower class dropping of ‘g’s, though I can see how this is confusing. To try to get an idea of the difference, try saying ‘fuckin’ in a lazy tone of voice and ‘distressin’ in a tight, clipped tone of voice. The former is stereotypically lower class, the latter stereotypically countryside aristrocrat.